Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I’m shaving today. Not my face or head. I did that a few days ago—trimmed everything up.

I’ve been shaving since early this year. Before that I kept things very trim for a few years, and before that I trimmed, just not as short.
I don’t have really thick hair anywhere on my body, which is fine. I kind of like the no-hair thing. Except the beard. I’ve kept some kind of hair on my face since before I could even grow anything respectable. I’ve occasionally decided to shave it all off, just to change it up. But then I almost immediate decide to let it grow back. I’m just unaccustomed to a bare face.
We get used to things being a certain way. And we even forget how it was before the last time we changed.
For example...
the 70s ?
okay, no

That’s from an earlier entry: “Old Pics” ...about 13 years ago. That actually looks hairier than it is. My hair is red. Well, reddish. And not really thick. It's just kinda long here, but the B&W doesn't pick that up well. 
The hair on my head used to be what my mom called “strawberry blonde”. It was orange-ish with some blonde and brown in it.
It wasn’t quite like Archie.

Ah, here:
my actual hair

This is from maybe 4th grade or so. Not really curly, but wavy. I once asked my barber if there was anything he could do to take some of the wave out. His shop was right next to a beauty parlor, and his answer was that every single day women go in next door and pay good money to try to get their hair to do what mine does naturally. And one day I would appreciate that.
I don’t think that day ever came.

I don’t really have any pictures from high school. My mom does, in a box somewhere, or an album, more likely. But the high school hair was mostly just a little tamer version of the little kid hair...with a bit of a mullet. Hey, it was the 80’s. My high school yearbooks look hilarious now.

Eventually the young adult hair got thinner and a little darker, less brilliant.
That was good. I’ve never thought I was especially good looking. I am vain; I just can’t do much about it. But I was never really crazy about the hair.

That barber was right. Lots of non-red-heads do it artificially. Because, women with red hair can be stunning and beautiful.
Alyson Hannigan                               Julianne Moore                    That chick from Mad Men

But how many really handsome red-haired men are there?
just the one, I think

Anyway, the hair got thinner and thinner. When I was in my late 20s I started shaving my head.

The pubic hair seems to have not gotten thinner, nor darker. Perhaps a bit less brilliant, but I haven’t seen much of it for a while, so, who knows?

I did let things go for a few weeks not long ago. I got busy, and you don’t wanna rush shaving your genitals.

kinda hate this look

not quite as bad from this angle

Well. Here’s what’s going on today:
a little scruffy

Nothing too serious, can’t even tell the color, really. But it’s more than I’m used to lately.


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